Unified English Braille

UEB Practice Sentences // Actual Tactuals // 2016

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"… a wonderful book that systematically teaches students the UEB contractions." 

Unified English Braille (UEB) Practice Sentences provides comprehensive practice sentences for each braille contraction, set up in a sequential,  easy-to-learn format. It also contains many of the more commonly used punctuation and symbols.

  • This book is available in both print and braille editions. 

  • The braille version allows braille readers to check their own answers.

  • All UEB contractions, commonly used symbols, and internet addresses included. 

  • Commonly used UEB symbols include: punctuation, mathematical symbols, typeface indicators, and Internet addresses.

  • “Exceptions to the rules” have been omitted, allowing students to become secure with braille configurations and basic rules. 

  • The print edition contains over 80 pages of print sentences, and over 80 pages of matching simulated braille sentences.

  • The book progresses cumulatively through ALL of the braille contractions.  

  • Sentences progress from simple to complex, making it easy to select appropriate exercises for individual students.

  • Contractions are presented one at a time (where possible) with sufficient repetition for mastery (10-40 practice sentences for each contraction).

All of this is designed to build confidence in contraction knowledge, self-esteem, and therefore,  SUCCESS for beginning and more advanced braille learners.

This book is available in a Print Teacher’s Edition, a Braille Teacher’s Edition, and a Braille Student’s Answer Key.

The Braille Student’s Answer Key contains all of the sentences for students to use when proofreading or for reading practice. It omits the directions and explanations that are in the Teacher’s Edition, providing an easier to read book for new braille readers.